Think you know your sports cliches?  Take our 20-question challenge to see if you've got what it takes.  This is one of those fill-in-the-blank tests, so you'll need pencil and paper. Simply provide one word that best completes the sentence to make a sports cliche.   Some are easy, some a bit harder, but that's how we separate the real sports fans from the wannabes.  And just in case you've forgotten how to do these tests, here's a sample question:

Sample question:   He always gives 110 ______.    The answer is, of course, percent. So you'd write percent on your answer sheet. Got it? OK, put on your thinking cap and let's go!

1)  You can feel the ______ swinging.

2)  You can't stop him, you can only hope to ______ him.

3)  They have to take it one game at a ______.

4)  He's really coming into his ______.

5)  Records are made to be ______.

6)  He's really been in the ______.

7)  The players have bought into the ______.

8)  This team must ______ to the occasion.

9)  He always comes through in the ______.

10)  They have to ignore the off-field ______.

11)  They have to stay ______.

12)  He thrives under ______.

13)  This team must step up to the next ______.

14)  This team has tremendous mental ______.

15)  They have to turn up the ______.

16)  They need a win to ______ off elimination.

17)  This team has overcome a lot of ______.

18)  They control their own ______.

19)  This team sent a ______ today.

20)  This win was a ______ team effort.

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