Grids worked from DM74 on 50 MHz

I've had a lot of success from ultra-rare grid DM74. I've been there half a dozen times in the rover, primarily for VHF contests. Here's a list of grids worked from DM74 on 6-meters via ssb, cw, and WSJT (67 grids; last updated 6/04).

CM87 CM88 CM89 CM97 CM98
CN73 CN84 CN85 CN87 CN88 CN91 CN96 CN97

DM07 DM08 DM09 DM65 DM73
DN01 DN09 DN11 DN17 DN18 DN22 DN24 DN36 DN47 DN57 DN80 DN94
DO33 DO42 DO61

EL19 EL29
EM12 EM29 EM37 EM39 EM40 EM42 EM44 EM48 EM49 EM54 EM55 EM57 EM58 EM62 EM63 EM64 EM66 EM73 EM74 EM75 EM76 EM78 EM79 EM84 EM85 EM96
EN13 EN36 EN37 EN41 EN52