There are a select few sports cliches that have attained Hall-of-Fame status. They are so widely recognized as being cliche that they are rarely used anymore. `Rarely' is not the same as `never' of course. Announcers such as John Madden and Bill Walton who spout cliches for a living still have these in their arsenal and will pull them out on occasion. This is a steadily declining trend, however, and we expect these expressions will eventually assume their rightful place in the Sports Cliche Archives. We preserve them here as a service to future generations:

   He always gives 110 percent.

   We're taking it one game at a time.

   They have to stay focused.

   There’s no " I " in TEAM.

   Defense wins championships.

   The field is a frozen tundra.

   The prevent defense prevents you from winning.

   Records are made to be broken.

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