They match-up well size-wise.

You have to respect their length.

They can really light up the scoreboard.

They play an up-tempo game.

They'll be dancing in March.

Nobody wants to see them in March.

The committee must look at their body of work.

They've built an impressive resume.

The winner can punch their ticket to The Dance.

In the tournament, you just want to survive and advance.

They play an exciting brand of basketball.

They play above the rim.

They move well without the ball.

They live and die by their outside shot.

They need to dominate the boards.

They need to dominate the paint.

They need to dominate the offensive glass.

They have to pound the ball inside.

They have to block out better.

They have to stop the dribble penetration.

They score a lot of points in transition.

They've been red-hot.

They've been on fire.

They're shooting the lights out.

They're making a living behind the 3-point arc.

It's raining threes.

They're shooting well from downtown.  ( "Downtown" was introduced by broadcaster Marv Albert and is now in widespread use. But why aren't long-range shooters in the SUBURBS ? )

He can really shoot the three-ball.

He can nail the trifecta.

They're getting some good, open looks.

He's been unconscious.

He's automatic.

He's money.

He can fill it up.

He can bury the three-point shot.

He's a pure shooter.

He has the hot hand.

He's been perfect from the charity stripe.

Well, I just jinxed him.  (This is the follow-up cliche if the `perfect' free throw shooter misses)

He can really dish the rock.

He's been their spark off the bench.

He gives them good minutes off the bench.

He provides them with instant offense.

He's a streaky shooter.

They can't get their shots to fall.

They can't buy a basket.

They can't find their range.

They've been ice-cold.

The free throw shooting has been anemic.

It's always an adventure at the free-throw line.

They've been throwing up bricks.

He just threw up an air ball.

There's a lid on the basket.

That shot barely drew iron.

He lost the handle.

They need a timeout to stop the bleeding.

Everybody's getting into the act. (You'll hear this when little-used bench players appear late in a blowout win.)

They've got to knock down their free throws.

I question their shot selection.

They have to find an answer for Reggie Miller.

It's been a game of runs.

Now's the time to run some clock.

They need a defensive stop.

It's a two possession game.

Ten seconds is like an eternity.

This game has turned into a track meet.

This game has turned into a free-throw shooting contest.

He's been quiet so far.

They've got to take it to the hole.

They've got to take it to the rack.

The big guy is really sweeping the glass.

He can really sky for those rebounds.

They have to work the ball inside to the bigs.

He's a force on the inside.

He can spot up for the open J.

That's his patented jumper.

He shoots a rainbow jumper.

They're really banging in there!

They have to body-up on the big guy.


Nothing but net.

Drained it!

They've got numbers!

Great no-look pass.

Count the basket!


He nails the buzzer beater!

He got away with a walk.  (The cliche way for an announcer to suggest a player traveled with the ball)

He got hacked.

That was a smart foul.

That was a ticky-tack call.

That was a good piece of officiating. (Used exclusively by analyst Billy Packer for many seeping into the mainstream)

Good no-call.

The refs should let them play.

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