It's a game of inches.

They're feeling each other out.

It's been a low scoring affair.

Denver draws first blood.

It's going down to the wire.

It's a real pressure cooker.

It's a nail biter.

It's a nip and tuck game.

It's a see-saw game.

We've got a real barn-burner.

The fans are getting their money's worth.

This is an offensive shootout.

They're locked in a defensive battle.

These two teams are fighting tooth and nail.

These two teams are going at it like a couple of heavyweights.

This game has gone true to form.

What a difference a week makes.

That changed the complexion of the game.

You can feel the momentum swinging.

That took the crowd out of the game.

That really silenced the crowd.

The crowd is really into it now.

The crowd is going wild.

The fans are on their feet.

That play electrified the crowd.

This place is bedlam.

This place is pandemonium.

You can feel the electricity.

They're within striking distance now.

Now we've got a football game.

It's a whole new ballgame.

They've scratched and clawed their way back into the game.

It's a shame somebody has to lose this game.

They're playing with a sense of urgency.

They dodged the bullet there.

They got a big break there.

That was a missed opportunity.

That'll give coach Jimmy Johnson a few more grey hairs.

Coach Jimmy Johnson is absolutely livid on the sideline.

He should get an Academy Award for that acting job.

Good call by the official.

The officials were right on top of that.

You know that score won't hold up.

That was just huge.

Great individual effort.

You can't teach that.

That was a real heads-up play.

That was a gutsy play.

That was a textbook play.

That was a page right out of the Broncos' playbook.

They diagrammed that perfectly.

That's stuff for the highlight film.

He's having a whale of a game.

He's having a monster game.

He's been the story of the game.

The competitive juices are flowing.

They're playing inspired defense.

That's 14 unanswered points.

This could be the turning point.

That came at an inopportune time.

That could turn the tide of the game.

That was the game's defining play.

That set the tone of the game.

Gut-check time.

Crunch time.

You couldn't have written a better script.

This game has turned into a chess match.

These two teams are going at it like a couple of heavyweight fighters.

The Broncos must now pin their hopes on John Elway.

They can't quite put them away.

That was the big play that capped the rally.

They're forced to burn a timeout.

There's a buck-30 left in regulation. (A cliche way to say there's a minute and a half remaining in regulation time)

Time is of the essence.

The clock is their ally.

The clock is their enemy.

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