He's a good X's and O's coach.

He runs a squeaky-clean program.  (Said when any college team has not been under NCAA investigation within the last 5 years)

They're a blue collar team.

They've gone to a youth movement.

They've got tremendous mental toughness.

They're a dark horse team.

This team is showing flashes of brilliance.

They're finally hitting their stride.

This team is really starting to gel.

This team is starting to make some noise.

This could be a sleeper team.

They're a team to be reckoned with.

Everybody's on the same page.

The players have bought into the system.

They're doing all the little things you need to win.

This team is not going to sneak up on anybody.

This team has turned the corner.

This team has raised the bar.

They've gotten over the hump.

This team has finally gotten off the schneid.

They're loaded this year.

They have a strong supporting cast.

They've added a new wrinkle to their offense.

This team travels well.

Those players form their nucleus.

He's really whipped them into shape.

He's got them headed in the right direction.

This team takes on the personality of their coach.

He must challenge his players.

These guys have been working their tails off.

These guys have been busting their butts.

They're finally getting the respect they deserve.

They've been playing with confidence.

They've got great team chemistry.

This team is like a family.

They've got die-hard fans.

The city has rallied around this team.

You have to respect their quickness.

You have to respect their athleticism.

You have to respect their physicality. (`Physicality' was invented by college basketball analyst Clark Kellogg and is currently spreading to different announcers)

They do a great job defensively.

They're a multi-faceted team.

They're an offensive-minded team.

They have a high-octane offense.

They have a potent offense.

They've got a lot of depth.

They pride themselves on their defense.

They have a stingy defense.

They have a swarming defense.

They play tough "D".

They play tenacious defense.

They play punishing defense.

They play tremendous pressure defense.

They play in-your-face defense.

They’ve been on a roll.

They’re over-achievers.

They can go the distance.

They won't be denied.

They strike fear in the hearts of their opponents.

They’ve come out of nowhere.

They’ve returned from oblivion.

What an incredible turnaround.

They're a real Cinderella story.

They're having a storybook season.

They're having a dream season.

They’re a better team than their record indicates.

They're no pushovers.

They give you so many different looks.

They have a lot of weapons.

They've got a tremendous ballclub.

This franchise has a storied past.

They're the winningest team in league history.   Winningest?

They can put up big numbers.

They're playing with swagger.

These guys are playing with a chip on their shoulders.

They're a team of destiny.

They're on a mission.

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