It's the grand-daddy of them all.  (The Rose Bowl, of course, and Keith Jackson's lasting contribution to the world of sports cliches)

The road to the Super Bowl goes through Miami.

There's a quarterback controversy on this team.

They have to play ball-control offense.

They have to establish their running game.

They have to stop the big play.

They need to dominate the line of scrimmage.

They have to pound it out on the ground.

They need to air it out more.

They have to open up the passing lanes.

They have to take care of the football.

They should just go out and execute.

They have to make plays on both sides of the ball.

They'll be facing the vaunted Denver defense. (The only entity in the English language that is ever 'vaunted' is an NFL defense. For some reason, there are no vaunted offenses.)

They should go out there and play smash-mouth football.

The Irish should just play Notre Dame football.

They have to stick to their game plan.

They should throw their game plan out the window.

Their secondary looks porous.

They have dangerous deep threats.

It's a low, line-drive kick.

The ball went off the side of his foot.

The ball takes a Denver bounce.

They're going to call a timeout to ice the kicker.

This should be a chip shot for him.

That kick splits the uprights.

They're looking at third down and forever.

They're in four down territory.

It's decision time for the Broncos.

They're in the hurry-up offense.

They're trying to milk the clock.

They're in no hurry at all.

The defense is showing blitz.

That keeps the drive alive.

First down by the nose of the football.

That will move the chains.

It all depends on where they spot the ball.

They're marking it just shy of the 40 yard-line.

They're marching down the field.

This is their deepest penetration.

They're knocking on the door.

They've got to punch it in here.

They've got to take it to the big house.

They'll have to settle for three.

You really want to come away with some points when you're this close.

They're playing with a short field.

They're playing in the shadow of their own goalposts.

Let's see if he can orchestrate a comeback.

Now they've got some room to operate.

The defense must make a stand.

They can't cough it up here.

Great blocking at the point of attack.

They're running it right up the gut.

He bulls his way for extra yardage.

He's a bruising running back.

He's overdue to break one.

He rumbled down the sideline for 30 yards.

He had to cut back against the grain.

He couldn't turn the corner.

That play took a long time develop.

He shook off several would-be tacklers.

Nobody laid a glove on him.

You could have driven a truck through that hole.

He'll be buying dinner for the whole offensive line after this game.

Elway is audibilizing.

Elway called his own number.

Elway has great pocket presence.

Elway is a real gun-slinger.

Elway has all day back there.

Elway has all kinds of time.

Elway has an eternity.

Elway has all the time in the world.

Elway is directing traffic.

Great read by Elway.

Elway is spreading the wealth.

Elway had a man wide open downfield.

Elway had to check off his receivers.

That looked like a designed run. (There are never designed passes)

He got a step on the defender.

That was a circus catch.

That was a timing pattern.

Great touch on that pass.

That was a pinpoint pass.

Elway hit him right on the numbers.

Elway threw a strike.

Elway put a lot of mustard on that pass.

That pass was right on the money.

He led him beautifully with that pass.

He heard footsteps.

That pass was very catchable.

They pay him to make those catches.

He's usually a sure-handed receiver.

That looked like a simple miscommunication.

That looked like a missed assignment.

That looked like a blown coverage.

He ran out of real estate.

They flushed Elway from the pocket.

You wonder how much punishment Elway can absorb.

That pass looked like a wounded duck.

That was an ill-advised pass.

He'd like to have that one back.

He threw up a prayer.

He threw into double-coverage.

That was a 50-50 ball.

The defender jumped the route.

That's his third career pick-six.  (Pass interceptions are now called 'picks' to encourage use of this cliche when a touchdown is scored)

Elway threw that one up for grabs.

Elway is trying to force the ball.

Elway telegraphed that pass.

Elway has happy feet.

He had him covered like a blanket.

The crowd wants a flag.

We've got a late flag.

A flag there usually means holding.

This one will be coming back.

That penalty makes it a very manageable third-down.

That penalty gives them a fresh set of downs.

The officials could call holding on every play.

That's a costly turnover.

He'll try to tack on the extra point.

That missed extra point could come back to haunt them.

Great second effort!

That was a game saving tackle.

That was a shoestring tackle.

The defense had that play sniffed out.

The defensive line is quick off the ball.

Their defense is starting to assert itself.

Their defense is tough in the red zone.

This game is being won in the trenches.

These guys are going mano a mano.  (In Spanish, this is "hand-to-hand" not "man-to-man" as some announcers assume)

That front line is 1000 pounds of beef.

It's a game of field position.

You can see the frustration starting to set in.

Looks like we've got some extra-curricular activity on the field.  (i.e. a fight)

We hope that cooler heads prevail.

They have a few choice words for each other.

They're just exchanging pleasantries.

They're going to tee-off on him.

He was blind-sided.

That hit really cleaned his clock.

He really got his bell rung there.

He put the lumber on him.

Welcome to the NFL. (Said after a rookie quarterback is sacked during his first game)

They really laid him out on that hit.

He was really clothes-lined there.

He ran into a brick wall.

He was literally run over by a freight train. (To the best of our knowledge, no locomotive has ever entered a football stadium and struck a player; the announcer probably means the player was FIGURATIVELY run over by a freight train.)

He's slow getting up.

He's walking rather gingerly.

Looks like we've got a player shaken up.

We don't know the extent of his injuries.

He's playing with limited mobility.

We hate to speculate on the injury...(but we will anyway).

They can ill-afford to lose him.

Their locker room must look like a MASH unit.

He left the field under his own power.

He's gonna feel that one on Monday.

They can't stop the clock so he'll just take a knee.

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