Why is everything so obvious?  While not a cliché on its own, "obviously" can be used conveniently in just about every sports cliché.  One of our favorites is:

"Obviously, there's no question about it."

Many times it's used to introduce some sort of cliché remark that actually is pretty obvious:

"Obviously, the final score is the only statistic that matters."

Hard to argue with that.  But sometimes it isn't so obvious:

"Obviously, the statistics speak for themselves."

Well, what if we don't have a stat sheet handy?  And just what statistics are you referring to?

Someone responds with "obviously" to cast an air of authority and superiority.  In other words,

"I'm an important player or coach and you're just a sports reporter. I've certainly achieved much more in sports than you have. I have a deep knowledge of the game and you -- well, you don't. I don't want you to forget this and I'm going to give you a subtle reminder in my answer to your question."

Thanks coach! If it wasn't for those canned, cliché answers you're providing, we'd really be lost.

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