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He's the best player never to have won a major.

There's a log-jam atop the leader board.

He's making a charge on the back nine.

That's a very makeable putt.

The ball had eyes.

What a beautiful golf shot. (Come on, they're playing golf.  We already know what kind of shot it is.)

He has a tremendous passion for the game of golf. (See above)

He's going to be happy with that.

That was a monster drive.

Well Jim, that's the best he could have done from there.

I believe his ball has found water.

He has to get up and down in two.

He's on the dance floor.

He's pin high.

Never up, never in.

You drive for show - putt for dough.

Get in the hole! (Shouted by spectators after EVERY shot taken on or around the putting green)


He hasn't ducked anybody.

He wants this fight.

Pound-for-pound, he's the best fighter in the world.


She really stuck the landing.

She's the favorite to bring home the gold.

She's the sweetheart of these Olympics.

She sacrificed so much to pursue her dream of Olympic gold.

China adds to its medal haul.

Track and Field

He tested positive.

He's going to be stripped of his medals.   (Athletes never lose, relinquish, or forfeit medals or titles. They are always STRIPPED of them.)

Auto Racing

The car's running a little loose.

The car's running a little tight.

The car's pushing a bit.

The car got up into the marbles.

He bumped his way into the field.

Daytona always takes a lot out of a car.

A driver's no good without a pit crew.

It's all about speed.

It's not always about speed.

You can't abuse the tires.

He just gave him a little bump to let him know he's there.

He got out of the draft and got left out to dry.

He got his lap back.

That car must be running on fumes.

That's just a part of racing.

It was door-to-door out there.

You've got to finish to win.

You don't win the race on the first lap.

The car is all tore up.

The guys in the pits won this one for us.

The Dupont-Kleenex-Raybestos-Chevrolet Monte Carlo was running great today.

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