The Blackhawks and Bruins skate to a 2-2 tie. (Ever notice how hockey teams never skate to a win or a loss? Evidently, they can only skate to a tie.)

They can score from anywhere on the ice.

They have to find a way to put the puck in the net.

When you put the puck on the net, good things are going to happen.

They're the hardest working line in hockey.

They're getting beaten to the puck.

They've gone into their defensive shell.

Looks like they're content to sit on the lead.

You don't want to give up a soft goal here.

They're looking for the equalizer. (i.e. the tying goal)

The Blackhawks make a wholesale change.

They're mucking it up in the corner.

He stood him up on the blue line.

He went right through him.

They're buzzing around the net.

They're peppering the goaltender.

He was mugged.

The bodies are flying.

We've got a bench-clearing brawl.

After a goal...

He lit the lamp.

He put the biscuit in the basket.

He found the twine.

He went high to the top shelf.

He went upstairs.

He beat him through the five hole. (i.e. scored by putting the puck through the goaltender's pads)

That was a goal-scorer's goal.

After a save...

He was robbed.

The goalposts are a goalie's best friends.

He's been playing steady between the pipes.

Look what I found.

He's still pitching a shutout.

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