The press conference held to announce the firing of a coach is a cliche bonanza.  While there is always an atmosphere of high drama, these events are completely scripted.  The athletic director, general manager, or owner starts - the remarks invariably contain one or more of the following:

Unfortunately there are days like this.

We're in the business of winning.

It's the nature of this business.

It's time to move on.

We have to look forward.

We need a change of direction.

We need a clean slate.

We need someone who can take us to the next level.

Pete is a class act.

Then it's the axed coach's turn.  You are certain to hear something like:

Everyone has to be held accountable.

It's all about winning and losing.

I take the blame.

I'm the last one to make excuses.

Obviously I'm disappointed things didn't work out.

I'm looking forward to my future endeavors.

I'm going to spend more time with my family.

A short time later, the new coach is announced.  There will be another press conference where the new coach faces the media for the first time:

I'm excited about this opportunity.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I have high expectations for this team.

This franchise has a great winning tradition.

We've got a good, solid foundation to build on.

We're going to right the ship.

We're going to get things turned around.

These fans deserve a winner.

This is a great sports town.

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