He's a wily veteran.

He's their elder statesman.

He has great durability.

He has a new lease on life.

He's lost a step or two.

That old arm just isn't what it used to be.

He won't retire until he gets that ring.

He wants to go out on top.

That rookie was in the third grade when Elway started his career.

He's had an up and down season.

He's the only player left from their championship days.

The fans still love him.

He's a great role model.

He's an ambassador of the sport.

He's done so much for the game.

It's only a matter of time until he's enshrined in the Hall-of-Fame.  (At one time, players were inducted.   Now that professional athletes have attained God-like status, they are `enshrined'.)

He's a lock for the Hall-of-Fame.

He's had a Hall-of-Fame career.

He's one of the all-time greats.

He's a winner in the bigger game of life.

He gives a lot back to the community.

He's an icon in this town.

He's only played sparingly this season.

He has been injury-prone.

He's a bench warmer.

He's been riding the pine.

What has he done for you lately?

He's got a bad wheel.  (A cliche way to indicate a player has a foot or leg injury)

He must regain his past form.

He's been the subject of trade rumors.

He's on the trading block.

He's being shopped around.

He's past his prime.

The game has passed him by.

He's washed up as a player.

When it stops being fun, it's time to quit.

He'll keep playing as long as he can contribute.

He'll know when it's time.

It's time to start working on the golf game.

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