He's an impact player.

He's a physical player.

He's an explosive player.

He's a tough, hard-nosed player.

He's a scrappy player.

He's an unselfish player.

He's a finesse player.

He's some kind of player.   (Mind telling us what kind?)

He can take over a game.

He can flat out play.

He's a proven winner.

He has a passion for the game.

He's a serious student of the game.

He has great baseball IQ.

He has a great feel for the game.

You can't say enough about him.

He's one of the best in the business.

He's the real deal.

He's legit.

He's in a league of his own.

He's silenced all the critics.

He's silenced all the naysayers.

He's put himself in the conversation for the Heisman.

He's their spark plug.

He's their role player.

He understands his role on this team.

He's the consumate team player.

He's a good guy to have in your locker room.

He's a steady player.

He's a complete player.

He's a real throwback.

They count on him week in and week out.

He's the heart and soul of this team.

He's the unsung hero on this team.

He's a leader on and off the field.

He's their workhorse.

He's their floor general.

He's their field general.

He's got great basketball IQ.

The team looks to him for leadership.

He's their playmaker.

He's as good a player as there is in this league.

He's a warrior.

He can carry the team on his shoulders.

He's their go-to guy when the game's on the line.

He always comes through in the clutch.

He thrives under pressure.

He's got ice-water in his veins.

He has a tireless work ethic.

He plays with a lot of emotion.

He plays with reckless abandon.

He's all heart.

He has great instincts.

He has a killer instinct.

He has elevated his game.

He can take you to school.

He's really been in the zone.

He's really been in the groove.

He's been feeling it.

He's finally playing his natural position.

He's on top of his game.

He knows what it takes to win.

He's really coming into his own.

He's finally getting his due.

This has been his breakout season.

He's having a career year.

He let's the game come to him.

He makes it look easy.

You can't stop him; you can only hope to contain him.

Just watching him is worth the price of admission.

He has a nose for the ball.

He'll have his game-face on.

His ability to do that is just uncanny.

He's got game.

He has great vision.

He has eyes on the back of his head.

He has great lateral mobility.

He moves well for a big man.

He has a great pair of hands.

He has lightning-fast reflexes.

He has cat-quick reflexes.

He has the heart of a champion.

He makes the players around him better.

He's the glue that holds this team together.

He can break the game wide open.

He can make things happen out there.

He gets stronger as the game goes on.

He makes his presence known out there.

He plays bigger than his size.

He's an integral part of their offense.

He adds a new dimension to their offense.

He has a linebacker mentality.

He's the stalwart of their defense.

He has a rifle for an arm.

He's built low to the ground.

He has a low center of gravity.

He's a speed merchant.

He has speed to burn.

He has blazing speed.

He has blinding speed.

He can turn on the jets.

He can turn on the after-burners.

He has both speed and quickness.

He's a cutter and a slasher. (Fallen out of favor in the wake of the O.J. Simpson murders)

He's poetry in motion.

He's the best player you've never heard of.

He's the league's most underrated player.

He does things that don't show up in the stat column.

Last week was his coming-out party.

He's a rookie sensation.

He's a highly touted freshman.

He's a talented young freshman.  (Aren't all freshmen young?)

He's a freshman phenom.  (Note that all "phenoms" are young -- there are no senior or veteran phenoms.)

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